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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Stunt Doubles 3 - The sequel to the sequel

Action figures are like movie stars, they need to be groomed and pampered. So who does all of the dirty work? That's a job for... the stunt doubles!

Garax, one of the most hard bodied figures of the 80's (after He-Man of course) keeps his self clean by any means possible. Unfortunately his stunt double doesn't make the big bucks to afford a botox, full body massage and colon cleanse once a week. He's found that for just .25 cents he can run himself through the washing machine at the local laundromat, but all of that Tide with Bleach are beginning to rip holes in his Guess jeans.

Now here is a man who could use that Tide with bleach. Mantor seems to have pee'd himself, I don't know what to say. I thought Sectaurs had a little more self respect than other 80's toy lines. They always looked more classy, what with their ball joints and shiny paint, not to mention the gold colored weapons. C'mon guy, get it together! Maybe stunt-Garax will lend you a quarter.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Stunt Doubles : part Deux

Sometimes toys get roughed up a bit, and that's when they get relegated to "stunt double" status. Here we go with another round, can you tell the real toy from the lame "made for kids to play with and ruin" imitation?
Okay, here is our friend Krang, and sitting beside him is his trustworthy stunt double, Krong. Krong has it rough, he pays child support when he can afford to, which is never, since Krang himself hasn't even worked in a syndicated decade. Oxygen has yellowed Krong's dome, stunts have taken his arm(s), and a woman has stolen his little krangezoid heart. Can a being that is only one organ have a heart inside of said organ? Hmm...
"Sectaurs Prince Dargon needs a variant color scheme like he needs a hole in his head." Oh wait, I didn't mean that! Wait! Wait! Oh, it's too late, whats done is done.

This is sad and maybe a little bit pathetic. This web site's mascot, Krang, sits on a Madball's Oculus Orbus body, of which I have three. I was always quite proud of the fact that all three bodys had a working clip which holds the spring-loaded head on. This clip is VERY fragile and it seems like half of the Madball figures around today have broken clips.
For this article I thought it might be humorous to make it seem as though this mummy head was Krang's stunt double. BIG fail, I know. To add to the failure, when changing the Oculus head to the mummy head, I accidentally broke the clip! So now I really do have a stunt double Krang!
Ironic yes/no?

Stunt Doubles

Sometimes toys get roughed up a bit, and that's when they get relegated to "stunt double" status. Some are wounded in battle, some get their hair caught in Trap Jaw's mouth, some might come from smoke filled houses and cant clean the yellow gunk off of themselves. See if you can tell the real star from the stunt double in these photos.
Anyone who has New Adventures of He-Man Optikk can attest to the fact that Opti (plural) are a trigger happy little evil race. They cant keep their right arm down to save their lives. That is unless some kid breaks the mechanism that keeps it springing up, wink wink.
It's also quite hard to keep He-Man's sword out of your eye when you are cursed with no eyelids! The God's of Eternia are cruel to say the least!

It's hard to tell, but one of these Blizzard's is angry. Look at that abominable haircut (no pun intended)! His barber (read: butcher) must have a Kid 'n Play obsession, and this is the last toy on your shelf that you want to piss off, let me tell you. He's from a fighting game called Primal Rage and isn't he just the perfect lil' poster boy for it.

Okay, maybe having eyelids isn't a cure-all for eye injury's, but c'mon, half of your iris is missing buddy! It's no surprise you missed that jelly stain on your belt, Shaggy and Scooby will track you down in a minute.

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Krang finally got an upgrade, now he's friends with the cool kids.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Staff of Suffering

Countless years of searching for the four crystals have been fruitful at last! With the help of his evil friend Lex Luthor from the planet Earth, Skeletor has completed his most powerful weapon yet, the Staff of Suffering! With the combined power of all four magic shards he knows that he can now defeat He-Man and conquer all of Eternia. Will you help Evil warlord Skeletor do just that? Or will you separate the crystals and protect them behind Castle Grayskulls impenetrable walls? You decide!

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Faker Merman

Can't anybody keep it real these days?
More bootleg MOTU here

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